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The Black Forest
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Frequently asked Questions

Setup Instructions for Hönes clocks

  Before hanging up the clock, carefully read these operating instructions.
Unpack with care! When removing the clock from the carton, please hold it at the roof. Remove the loose accessories such as pendulum, weights etc... Please do not open the small paper-bag fixed to the bottom of the clock, this will be done later.

Lay the clock down with the face downwards and turn aside the locking tab (A) on the back wall. Place a nail or a screw driver into the slot (B) and gently lift out the back panel.

Remove the paper strip from the chime spring (5). Remove - depending on the model - one or two clamps(Pull Out)from the bellows (6). Please be careful that no wires of the clock will be bent or damaged.

Now hang up the clock (10) on a strong nail or screw which is fixed to the wall in a HEIGHT of about 2 meters(6-7 Feet) from the floor (11).

Open the packet (8) underneath the clock containing the chains and pull out the wire. Possible knots in the chains should be undone very cautiously. Please notice that henceforth the clock must not be put down or turned upside down - otherwise the chains will slip off from the chain- wheels.

In case one chain has slid from the chain-wheel please take your clock to a reliable clock shop,or pay attention to the following remarks:
The chain can be replaced again by fully winding up the other weights and hooking them off; hereafter the clock must be turned upside down and the chain has to be balanced upon the chain- wheel; it is advisable to remove the back panel in order to observe the replacing of the chain on the chain-wheel through the chain holes in the clock case.

Turn the wire which locks the cuckoo door (Fig. 7);to the side. In the case of Music-Cuckoo-Clocks, two wires (= two doors) must be turned to clear the doors.

Hang the pendulum in the wire loop in the middle of the case bottom (Fig. 9) hang the weights on the chain-hooks. The clock must be placed in a correct vertical position so that the pendulum can swing freely. Now your clock is ready for operation.

For setting the correct time turn the minute-hand (longer hand) around to the left. NEVER move the hour-hand (small hand). If you turn the minute-hand around to the right, always wait for the end of the cuckoo-striking on the half and full hour; In the case of a music-clock, always wait for the end of the music.

For starting the clock gently push the pendulum to one side. The clock hangs in the correct position when the "tick-tock" of the pendulum is even. Listen for the even "tick-tock" sound, and adjust clock to the right or left as necessary.

Depending on the model the clock must be wound up each 24 hours or each 8 days by pulling the ring on the end of the chain downwards thereby raising the weight up to the clock.

The accurate time of the clock can be regulated by the pendulum. If the clock gains time push the pendulum-disk downwards on the pendulum-bar; if the clock looses time push the disc upwards. Several models are available with the possibility of turning off the striking mechanism - this is indicated by a stick-on label. (12 or 13).
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